Gourmet Candle  Sales & Fundraising

-Helping those Who Care -


Gourmet Palm Wax Mia Bella Candles in over 90 Custom Fragrances . Direct Sales, Fundraising , Home Parties and more . 10% of all direct sales is donated to Our Supported  Charities .

Please help us make a difference.

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Candle Creations for Hope  A Sales & Fundraising Company Featuring Mia Bella Candles.

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Based in Virginia, Candle Creations For Hope offers fundraising & Sales to help support charities across the U.S.

A Veteran Owned small business created to help others raise needed funds for Animal rescue, Veterans, Churches, Schools, Sports teams, no Cause is too small.

Helping others reach their goals -Providing fundraising opportunities' for any organization in need. Donating 10% of all Direct sales to our supported Charities.


Why Pick Candle Creations For Hope?

Candle Creations For Hope sells Beautiful Crystalline all-natural palm wax candles.  Working closely with organizations to raise funds with our generous  fundraising program. 

We combine Traditional fundraising with an online presence to allow organizations to maximize their returns.

Our programs-

  • Personalized for each Cause
  • Free Custom Label Design 
  • Our Candles make great Gifts & Fundraisers
  • Pair well with existing Events to increase revenue
  • Flexible Selections
  • Fast Delivery 
Candle Creations For Hope

Who We Serve

We serve all members who follow organizations in the U.S. that are fundraising & Sales with Candle Creations For Hope. Our charities consist of animal rescue organizations and sanctuaries, and non-profit organizations that support children.

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Our Mission

Candle Creations For Hope works with charities to increase fundraising & Sales and promote their work through selling quality American-made candles. Our goal is to help organizations gain a solid online presence to elevate their reach to the community and help the needed.